Exhibitor Information

Exhibiting a Christmas Tree helps us to raise funds and awareness for many local and national charities.

Organisations that are charitable and non-profit can showcase a tree at no cost. To do so, just choose the desired tree size for the location, place it in your cart, and apply the voucher code NONPROFIT during checkout.

For businesses, there’s an opportunity to present trees for a nominal fee. Small trees (up to 2 feet) are priced at £10, while larger trees are available for £25.

Please see our guide below on how to book your place.

Non-Profit and Registered charities
  • Promote your organisation by displaying your tree for FREE at any of our venues. Select the Non-Profit ticket option at your chosen venue and add the discount code NONPROFIT
Businesses and all other groups
  • For businesses, there’s an opportunity to display trees for a nominal fee. Small trees (up to 2 feet) are priced at £10, while larger trees are available for £25. 
Tree Drop-Off Date
  • You will need to drop-off your tree to your chosen venue by specified date as advised by your chosen venue. Please check your booking confirmation email for full details.
Tree CollECtion Date
  • You will need to collect your tree from your chosen venue as advised by your chosen venue. Please check your booking confirmation email for full details.

View our quick exhibitors guide below, or simply choose a venue from the menu above to check availability.

Please note that all religious venues are reserved for the display of not for profit and charitable organisations. Please refer to fee information in the drop down section above for further details.

You can choose how to decorate your tree, with any theme you like. All we ask is that it is family-friendly, safe to touch, and on a stable base.

All lights must be LED standard. Please note that each venue reserves the right to stipulate specific terms in order to conform to their requirements.

If you are selecting an outdoor tree, for a given venue, please note that these must only be decorated in sustainable and biodegradable materials, in order to minimise the impact to our environment and local wildlife.

For outdoor trees specifically, all decorations must be firmly secured to the tree. For trees displayed on grassed areas, you may wish to consider the use of a ground stake and/or guide ropes for extra stability (for soft ground) or weighted bases for outdoor trees to ensure safety for all visitors.

Please note that glass ornaments are not permitted on any trees, due to their fragile nature, and possible risk to visitors.

The organisers reserve the right to remove any tree that they feel does not conform to these guidelines.

All tree owners display their trees and decorations at their own risk. We take no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft.

Setting up your tree

Once your tree is booked, your chosen venue will be in touch directly to schedule a drop off time which is mutually agreeable. Please note that this may be carried out by one of our incredible volunteers, so as always please do be kind. 

Clear down

Once your tree is booked, these details will be passed to the venue directly, or one of our amazing volunteers. They will agree with you a mutually agreeable time to collect your tree. Please note that we try and work in a way which prevents bottle necks over car parking, and accessibility, so please adhere to the time you are provided with. 

It is important to note that venues will have bookings following our schedule of activities, it is therefore imperative that trees are collected by the imposed deadline. 

View our exhibitors guide